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Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and Self Compression Techniques:

Many common pain complaints have muscular/ligamentous origins.  Dr Janet Travell and Richard simons wrote comprehensively on the topic of myofascial trigger points, the area of referral, where to find the trigger points and how to treat them.  There are many articles and books of this subject which I refer you to for deeper study.  Self compression of these trigger points systematically can be the cure in and of itself for myofascially mediated pain.  It can significantly reduce pain from other sources if there is a myofascial component.  Using a tennis ball (in a sock for a handle) one can self treat common trigger point of the upper and lower back, shoulders and legs while sitting or leaning up against the wall gently compressing over tender areas for a minute of so allowing the tender area to relax.  Then go to a new area that is tender repeating the process. 

 There is special training that massage therapists and other body workers can take to become more familiar with treating trigger points.  Physicians can inject trigger points with medications in an effort to relax them and reduce the pain they refer.

Frequent compression and stretching can significantly improve pain in many areas of the body.  This can be incorporated into daily self care and exercise program.