Health and Wellness

Therapeutic Exercises:

Part of the rehabilitative process is to identify the issue that may be the source of the problem and train the body or mind to a new way of functioning.  I am using the term therapeutic exercise in a very broad way to include not only flexibility or muscular strength building exercises but include any mind or mind-body training techniques as well.  The goal of any therapeutic program is to develop one that will address the issues then to Just Do It!”  Often it is in the doing that new habits are formed and new ways of being are achieved.  It is also where many people fall short of their goals because they cannot stick to a plan for a variety or reasons.  This also needs to be addressed individually since individuals have different motivators and ways of being that get in their way of accomplishment.  This needs to be a team effort between the physician and patient or coach and player …or no one wins.

Therapeutic exercise may include: physical, occupation therapy program, psychology, other mind-body technique training as well as other body work such as manipulation, deep tissue myofascial therapy, naprapathy, energy medicine, and chakra balancing treatments, etc.  This needs to be individualized for appropriateness and optimal individual follow through.