Health and Wellness

How Does Dr. Mizera do it?

Dr. Mizera performs a thorough medical evaluation and physical examination focused on your concern or problem. Depending on your situation she creates a treatment plan with you that may include further tests, Osteopathic manipulation, Prolotherapy, nutritional recommendations, myofascial triggerpoint therapy, physical therapy or other types of therapy/treatments/consultations to assist in your healing process. Dr. Mizera specializes in performing Osteopathic Manipulation that treats restrictions (also known as Somatic Dysfunction) in the body that may be contributing to your problem. Osteopathic Manipulation can assist the body’s innate ability to heal itself. She incorporates manipulation along with other modalities that are best suited for each specific patient. Being very sensitive to the need for a team approach toward healing, she promotes collaboration with her patient’s primary care physician (PCP) and other specialists to create a thorough therapeutic plan appropriate for the individual.

Using Osteopathic principles, Dr. Mizera uses her hands to decrease restrictions in the body to assist the body to heal itself. Her goal is to optimize function by bringing balance to the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your life, to assist you to understand the disease mechanisms and to develop the strategies for you to heal and control your energy. According to the principles of osteopathy, her goal is to assist in your healing process by freeing blocked or restricted areas of your body and promoting balance and increasing opportunity for optimal health