Health and Wellness

What Does Dr. Mizera Do?
Dr. Mizera assists people who have Neuromusculoskeletal problems or injuries to achieve optimal function in order to enjoy the life they love.  Dr. Mizera listens to your health concerns/problems, evaluates what has been done already, adds to the diagnostic information if needed, and develops an individualized plan with you to promote pain relief and eventual healing. She treats a variety of pain conditions including but not limited to: back, neck, shoulder, arm/hand, leg/foot pain, problems related to chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Pain can come from many sources: athletic activities, occupational overuse, traumatic injury, or just show up for no apparent reason.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is a medical specialty that evaluates, diagnoses, and treats patients with limited function due to disease, injury or disability.
Dr. Mizera chose to be an osteopathic physician because of the profession’s holistic approach toward medical care. Osteopathic philosophy takes into account the whole person-body, mind and spirit-when considering disease and its impact. Traditional Osteopathic physicians work from the point of view that the human body innately is self-healing. The structure of the body directly influences function. It is the role of the physician to assist patients in optimizing this structure-function relationship that lead to their healing processes. Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine is an adjunctive hand-on approach toward optimizing a patient’s health by mobilizing restricted areas in the body that may inhibit the body’s own homeostatic and healing functions.

Dr. Mizera also has studied Esoteric Healing and Healing Touch which are both forms of Energy Medicine. Understanding our energy system is important. Balance of our energy centers promotes and contributes to health. She uses her awareness of the importance of balance to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignment.

Many physical problems can manifest themselves as emotional and mental concerns. Many emotional/mental or even spiritual conflicts present themselves as physical complaints. These issues can be assisted by osteopathic manipulation treatments. Depression, anxiety, hurt, anger, and fear can affect the whole person. With this awareness, she assists the patients to transform physical, emotional, and mental challenges to optimize function in their world.  She assists her patients through their healing process, encouraging self-confidence and self-awareness.